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Merricks Creek

Merricks Creek seems to be the perfect stop off for a light afternoon lunch accompanied by some great wines, quality and savory dishes in a tranquil atmosphere. The light-filled, airy dining area has both a large open verandah perfect for Summer days, and a large wooden fire that would be beautiful to sit by in the colder months... Read more >>>

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Sydney (Australia)

Sydney's First Capsule Hotel

Sydney's First Capsule Hotel

Japan's simplistic lifestyle can be useful – perhaps necessary – when in the nation's bustling cities. For overnight travelers, there will be a capsule hotel to fit your overnight needs with luxurious simplicity. Now Australia's getting one.

QT Hotel Sydney

Is QT Hotel Sydney fun? Definitely. Is it Sexy? We can say that! Is it original? That's for sure! Is it too much? Well, possibly but when you will leave this hotel, you will say "that was a good experience" or "I have never been in a hotel like that before!"...

New South Wales - Jervis Bay

Hyams Beach

Hyams Beach

Hyams Beach is a popular holiday spot on the South Coast of New South Wales. The name refers to both the charming seaside village and the beach itself, which is surrounded by beautiful natural attractions that include Jervis Bay National Park to the north and Booderee National Park to the south.


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